LARC Tutorial Leaders

Who are the LARC Tutorial Leaders?

LARC Leaders for a particular course are recruited and interviewed from among the top students who recently succeeded that course. All LARC Leaders are trained in a course that is taught by the LARC Director & LARC Supplemental Instruction Coordinator. This course develops LARC Leader’s pedagogical content knowledge and facilitation skills.

LARC Tutorial Leaders are trained to actively involve their students in evidence-based activities to develop critical thinking skills and facilitate independent learning by actively involving students in the course material during supplemental tutorial sessions. In group discussion, students will also share their ideas and solutions.

Leaders have the opportunity to make an important contribution towards the academic success of their fellow students.

If you want to:

  1. Assist your peers
  2. Build your leadership/ communication skills
  3. Increase understanding of proven active learning strategies in higher education

More Info:  LARC Tutorial Leader Job Description.

2019-2020 LARC Leaders

2019-2020 LARC Leaders