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LARC Tutorial Leaders Application & Job Description

If you want to:

  1. Assist your peers
  2. Build your leadership/ communication skills
  3. Increase understanding of proven active learning strategies in higher education

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Application Procedures

The application review process occurs around week 6 of each academic quarter. If selected for an interview, you will be contacted by a LARC staff member.

All submitted applications will be kept on file for future hiring needs. Tutorial Leaders work an average of 12-15 hours per week, not to exceed 19.5 hours per week. Leaders holding other part-time positions on campus must check to ensure that their time does not exceed the 19.5 hour limit per week for student employees.

Eligibility Qualifications*:

  • Full-Time UCI Student willing to work 3 consecutive quarters
  • At least a ‘B+’ and ability to attend the lecture of the course they want to support
  • Ability to attend Uni Stu 175: Methods in small group instruction (fall only) Tues 2-3:50pm
  • Overall GPA of 3.25

*Exceptions to the minimum eligibility qualifications may be granted at the sole discretion of LARC.

LARC Tutorial Leaders Job Description

LARC Tutorial Leaders are trained to actively involve their students in evidence-based activities to develop critical thinking skills and facilitate independent learning by actively involving students in the course material during supplemental tutorial sessions. In group discussion, students will also share their ideas and solutions.

Leaders have the opportunity to make an important contribution towards the academic success of their fellow students.  Both Tutorial Leader training and the program structure have been designed to support the LARC Tutorial Leaders in their role.

Position Requirements & Compensation
Leaders are paid for all of the following except Uni Stu 175:

Mandatory Fall Orientation: (Fall Leaders Only)
Wed Week 0 (9am-3pm)

Staff Meetings:
Fall, Winter & Spring – Weeks 2 & 6 Thursdays 7-8pm

Peer Observations: 2 Per Quarter

Attending Lecture For the Course You Support: Tutorial Leaders attend all lectures for the course they support.

LARC Tutorials: Each LARC Tutorial Leader is assigned three to five groups of 12 to 16 students each. Leaders work an average of twelve to fifteen hours per week, not to exceed 19.5 hours. Leaders holding other part-time positions on campus must check to ensure that their time does not exceed the 19.5 hour limit per week for student employees. In addition, Tutorial Leaders must hold review sessions for course finals

Preparation: Creating lesson plans and worksheets tutors are paid an additional half hour for each hour of their LARC sessions.

Administrative Duties: All Tutorial Leaders are responsible for submitting their rosters & time onto the TMS & TRS.

Faculty Meetings: Tutorial Leaders are required to contact their instructors during the first week of classes and later throughout the quarter as part of the requirements for LARC.

*New Leaders Requirement Only* Mandatory Enrollment in University Studies 175 Methods in Small Group Instruction: 2 unit course, pass/no pass, during their first quarter of working for LARC (Tues 2-3:50pm) 

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2019-2020 LARC Leaders

2019-2020 LARC Leaders