LARC Tutorials

How will tutorials be conducted online for Fall 2020?

LARC Tutorial sessions will continue to incorporate fun study tools, interactive activities, collaboration with your peers while utilizing Zoom as a meeting place and Canvas for additional interactions/ resource. Our leaders are here to assist you in succeeding as you transition to this new instruction style. We are committed to helping you feel connected to UCI, even while you learn remotely in the comfort of your own home.

What are tutorials?

High-performing, undergraduate leaders engage students through proven active-learning strategies and peer-to-peer collaboration to connect “what to learn” with “how to learn”.

How are tutorials different from lecture, discussion, lab and tutoring?

Tutorial Leaders facilitate group discussions and collaborative activities during sessions that focus on key concepts, and study strategies in a FUN and encouraging small group setting.

Who are the LARC Tutorial Leaders?

LARC Leaders for a particular course are recruited and interviewed from among the top students who recently succeeded that course. All LARC Leaders are trained in a course that is taught by the LARC Director & LARC Supplemental Instruction Coordinator. This course develops LARC Leader’s pedagogical content knowledge and facilitation skills.

What is a tutorial like?

Tutorials meet for 50 minute twice per week during the academic school year, and 2 hours each during five-week summer sessions. These bi-weekly small groups connect you with peers and give you tools to succeed! All tutorials have a main learning goal and leaders check your mastery by the end of each session.  Leaders organize midterm, and final reviews as well.

What do students say about LARC Tutorials?

Taking this was honestly a tremendous help, and I thoroughly enjoyed attending because it was vital to my success and the class was fun.”

   “Not only have I discovered new ways to absorb materials, I have also learned so much from my peers. I can’t thank them enough.”

  “My LARC tutorials are great learning environments for me because rather than restate what I learned in my lectures, it builds upon that knowledge and increases it.”

  “Since starting LARC, I can do the homework without much problem and my grade on my midterm improved dramatically.”

(Attribution: From End of Quarter Anonymous Survey Evaluations)

How do I enroll in a LARC Tutorial?

The new and improved LARC Enrollment portal is now available to view! Enrollment opens Wednesday of Week 0 every quarter.

Is there a fee for LARC tutorials?

Yes, a flat fee of $110 per quarter (per tutorial subject) helps pay LARC leaders and supports our program. Fees are billed at the end of each quarter that you enroll. For more information, visit Fees and Policies.