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In A Large Lecture?

Our sessions connect students with peers and give students tools to succeed.

LARC Tutorial Leaders facilitate proven active-learning strategies, midterm/ final reviews and peer-to-peer collaboration to connect “what to learn” with “how to learn.”


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  • Student Leadership Development
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How Tutorials Help Students

  • Students of all academic learning abilities and levels gain the ability to:
       – apply concepts
       – practice problem solving
       – synthesize ideas
       – create study tools/ develop learning strategies
       – discuss questions regarding course content/ material,
  • Ultimately become independent with their own learning. 
  • Student Leadership Development – LARC Leaders are recruited and interviewed from among the top students who recently succeeded that course.
  • All LARC Leaders are trained in a course that is taught by the LARC Director & LARC Supplemental Instruction Coordinator and develops LARC Leader’s pedagogical content knowledge, facilitation and leadership skills.
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Supplemental Instruction

  • Supplemental Instruction (SI) was first developed in 1973 at the University of Missouri at Kansas City by Dr. Deanna Martin and focuses on student retention through facilitating peer-to-peer learning
  • Target traditionally difficult, key gateway and bottleneck courses; those that have a large number of students receiving a grade of C-, D, F or W.
  • The goal of LARC Supplemental Instruction Tutorials is to support students on their way to become successful independent learners.

LARC Tutorials

  • Tutorials are regularly scheduled, out-of-class group sessions facilitated by peers we refer to as LARC Leaders, who have previously succeeded in your course.


  • Tutorials meet for 50 minutes twice per week during academic school year and 110 minutes each during five-week summer sessions.
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Fees & Sponsorships

  • A flat fee per quarter (per tutorial course) helps pay LARC leaders and supports our program. Fees are billed at the end of each quarter on your ZOT account. For more information, visit Fees and Policies.
  • Want a LARC for free? Reach out to various campus sponsors  to see if you are eligible for one or more sponsorships!

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