General FAQs

When do LARC tutorial sessions start?

LARC tutorial sessions start Wednesday (if your session is M/W) or Thursday (if your session is on T/TH) of Week 1.

What happens if I need to drop a tutorial to switch to another time?

There’s no charge to switch tutorial times for the same subject. You’ll only be billed for one.

Will I be billed, even though I dropped?

If you drop after 1 or 2 session times, there’s just a $25 charge. If you drop later, you’ll still be billed the same flat rate, even though you didn’t go.

Who are LARC tutorial sessions led by?

An undergraduate peer who has excelled in the course and has been trained in basic pedagogical theory and small group facilitation. 

When is the last day to drop a LARC tutorial?

Fall, Winter & Spring: Friday 4pm of Week 6
Summer: Friday 4pm of Week 3

How do I drop?

Go to LARC Enrollment and choose “My Tutorials” for options (this choice may be part of a minimized menu if you’re using a mobile device).

Enrolling & Waitlist

When will the LARC session schedule for next quarter be available & Where is the schedule?

Schedules are generally posted by Wednesday Week 9 of the previous quarter. 

When and how will I be able to enroll for a LARC tutorial?

LARC tutorial enrollment begins at 12:01 am on the Wednesday of Week 0 on LARC Enrollment

What is the last day to add a LARC tutorial?

During the academic year, the enrollment window closes at 4:00 pm on Friday of the Week 6.
During summer session, 4:00 pm on Friday of Week 3.

What are my chances of being added if I am on the waitlist?

Waitlisted students will be added in the order that they are waitlisted as seats become available.  Check LARC Enrollment to see if any additional tutorials have been added for your course.

I signed up for a LARC session with a Leader who is teaching the same subject but under a different professor, is this okay?

We strongly recommend that you enroll in the tutorial that corresponds with your lecture. Some instructors teach at different paces, cover or skip different material. This assures that the LARC session content aligns with your lecture. Be mindful of your LARC selection, there is no refund if you are dissatisfied because of a wrong selection.

I am enrolled in an honors course, can I take LARC for the general course?

The choice is yours. Honors courses have different pacing and may cover/ skip different materials, etc. 

Can I attend the LARC session if I am waitlisted and ask the LARC Leader if it’s okay?

No, waitlisted students must wait until they are added automatically by the LARC Enrollment System before attending. 

Sponsorship & Research

Where can I find out if I am eligible for sponsorship for my tutorial fee?

A good place to start is Student Success Initiatives. If you’re an athlete, contact the assistant athletic director. Your school may also offer sponsorships; contact your student affairs office or LARC for more information.

Are LARC scholarships available?

Yes, we have a limited number of sponsorships each quarter (more info coming soon).

What Is The Educational Research Behind LARC?

Fees & Payments

How much will I pay for a LARC tutorial?

The LARC tutorial is $125 for the quarter per tutorial section enrolled (for the 2023-2024 year). If you enroll but infrequently or never attend, you still pay the same fee, just like a gym membership. If you drop during the first week or drop to switch tutorial times for the same subject, there’s no charge. If you drop after 1 or 2 session times, there’s just a $25 charge. If you drop later, you’ll still be billed the same flat rate, even though you didn’t go. Fees may be paid online through your Zot Account.

If I change my LARC tutorial, will I be charged an extra fee?

It depends on the type of change. You can change between LARC tutorials that are in the same subject, e.g., from one Chem 1A tutorial to another Chem 1A tutorial for no extra charge.
If you change from one subject to another, there will be an extra charge. 

Why did the LARC fee increase (since last year)?

Incremental increases help us continue to compensate undergraduate employees with a competitive, union-negotiated wage. We’ll never change rates mid-quarter.

When do I pay for my LARC tutorial?

LARC sessions are billed at the end of the quarter in which the tutorial was taken. Fees may be paid online through your Zot Account.

Will I be billed if I have a sponsorship?

You will be billed if sponsor requirements are unmet. See the sponsorship tab for more information.

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