Adding LARC To Your Canvas Space

Adding a LARC Tutorial Leader To Your Canvas Course Space

LARC Tutorials targets historically difficult, large lecture “gateway” (those that have a large number of students receiving a grade of C-, D, F, or W) courses that may be enriched by supplemental out-of-class sessions.

These courses contain content that students consider to be challenging. LARC tutorials are designed to support students in over 35 different courses across multiple schools and leaders are assigned to a course because of the subject being taught, not because of the manner in which it is being taught.

Step 1: go to GrandCentral and select “Canvas Courses Spaces” at the top
picture of step 1 directions
Step 2: Select “Manage People”
picture of instructions in step 2
Step 3: Go to ‘Observers’ tab and ‘Add Observers’
Instructions in step 3


Step 5: Confirm by selecting ‘Add People’ (leader will not be added until this step is complete)
instructions for step 5
Step 4: Enter your LARC Leader’s UCInetID, then ‘Next’
instructions from step 4

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