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LARC Tutorials are lecture specific so ensure you are enrolled in the tutorial that corresponds to your lecture. Think of your LARC Tutorial Leader as a coach; they can teach you strategies, but you still have to practice on your own if you want to win! 

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  • Attendance & Campus Holidays
  • LARC Tutorial Tips
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  • Leaders facilitate learning by modeling key concepts and strategies and by organizing peer-to-peer activities. 
  • There may be times when your Leader is the only one talking, but they are not a teacher so will not cover everything from lecture. 
  • Most of your session will consist of interactive participation, and you may even be asked to demonstrate your own problem-solving to the group. Trust your LARC Leader to guide you through the learning process to independence.
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Attendance & Campus Holidays:

  • Students must enroll before attending and only attend their tutorial date/time
  • Due to Leader emergencies, such as illness, your leader may cancel up to 2 tutorials sessions. Your tutor will make every effort to find a substitute before cancelling any tutorials.
  • LARC Offices / Tutorials will be closed during UCI Campus Holidays.  For student equity, if a holiday falls on a tutorial day, LARC Tutorials will be closed on that day and the corresponding day. For example if a holiday falls on a Monday, LARC Tutorials are closed that Monday AND the following Tuesday in order to maintain equity among students.
  • You can check your attendance on the ‘My Tutorials’ page on the LARC Enrollment Website

Tutorial Tips

  • Be prepared! Attend and participate in your lectures and discussion sections. Complete your readings and other assigned work.
  • Be considerate! Arrive on time and be supportive of fellow students.
  • Be courageous! Speak up even when you’re uncertain. Making mistakes is actually important to learning.
  • Be proactive! Bring your questions but be ready to seek out your own knowledge, too.
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Testimonials From Previous LARC Students

"I love LARC, it's helping me so much!"


Winter 2021 Evaluation Feedback

"I’ve participated in a LARC session practically my entire time at UCI and it immensely helps my focus on the class along with improving my confidence overall. It’s where I meet a lot of like-minded individuals and found my amazing study buddy."

Winter 2021 Evaluations

"You have saved me so many times! I cannot thank you enough!"


Winter 2021 Evaluation Feedback

"The LARC leader genuinely cares about their students and makes sure we are getting the material. They create such a welcoming, safe, and interactive environment, that I feel like I’m learning so much and getting a lot out of LARC!"


Winter 2021 Evaluation Feedback

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