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Learning at UCI can be pretty challenging. LARC is here to support undergraduates in all majors with best practices for learning and personal coaching. Come learn with us!

Need a place to study during Finals Week or on Fridays?  LARC Tutorial Classrooms are now available for reservation Fridays between 9am – 4pm and everyday during Finals Week between 9am – 4pm.

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Uni Stu 93: Strategies for Success
2 units (Winter & Spring)

Assists students in developing their academic abilities and study skills in preparation of the rigorous demands of their major. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, and interactive exercises, students will explore, implement and acquire a variety of practical study strategies. Topics include time management, notetaking, memory and concentration, overcoming procrastination, goal setting, textbook reading, and other exam preparation techniques. Strongly Recommended for Freshmen & Sophomores.

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Make An Appointment With A Peer Coach

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