Study Tips, Workshops & Classes

Ready to Grow Your Learning Skills?

Learning at UCI can be pretty challenging, especially in online courses. That’s why there are academic resources like the LARC to help you rise to the next level of learning. Here are some things you can do to get started:

Prepare to Learn Online

Advice from UCI’s Online Learning Research Center

UCI Remote Student Success Guide

Zoom Student Guide

Get to Know Canvas

Create Your Work Space

Thriving in a Digital World

Coping with Stress and Lack of Motivation

Connect with Campus Resources

Center For Writing Excellence and Communication

The Writing Center’s Resources for Students

UCI Libraries Research Guides

Disability Services Center

UCI Be Well Portal

International Student Excellence Programs

Student Success Initiatives

Consult With An Academic Coach

Make an appointment to meet with our professional and student staff for individualized help. Click Here to schedule an appointment today!

Attend an Academic Learning Skills Workshop

FREE 50-minute study skills workshops are open to all UCI students! Acquire new learning strategies, improve academic performance and become a more effective learner.

Sign up on CampusGroups to guarantee your spot in an upcoming workshop and get the Zoom link. Registrations are welcome until the time of workshop start (not during).

Request a Workshop-on-Demand

Other UCI units, including student orgs, can request workshops tailored to their students. Contact Trace Yulie (formerly Welser) at for more information.

Explore and Apply Proven Methods

Three Ways to Study Effectively in Online Courses – how to plan and stay engaged

How to Study – video series by Stephen Chew

How to Talk to Your Professor – practical advice from University of Victoria

The Learning Scientists – blogs, podcasts, and materials on the science behind how we learn

Strategic Learning – Studying and Test Taking Tips from UC Berkeley

Study Strategies – YouTube collection of evidence-based learning practices

Top Ten Study Strategies for English Language Learners

Make it Stick: the Science of Successful Learning – available in hardcopy or ebook at the UCI Langson Library

Register for a LARC Class

UNI STU 93 – Strategies for Success 2 units (Winter & Spring)
Assists students in developing their academic abilities and study skills in preparation of the rigorous demands of their major. Through a combination of lecture, discussion, and interactive exercises, students will explore, implement, and acquire a variety of practical study strategies for topics such as time management, notetaking, memory and concentration, overcoming procrastination, goal setting, textbook reading, and other exam preparation techniques. Strongly Recommended for Freshmen & Sophomores.

UNI STU 175 – Methods in Small Group Instruction 2 units
*Restricted to new LARC Tutorial Leaders in their first quarter of employment.
UNI STU 175 explores theories of learning and development, as well as the evidence base for teaching techniques and skills. The theoretical and methodological frameworks for learning and teaching are then applied specifically to student study behaviors and to the methods and practice of using small peer groups to improve academic learning skills and facilitate independent learning. LARC Tutorial Leaders receive instruction in the design, implementation and evaluation of an effective learning environment for undergraduate students using their own LARC Tutorial as field work.