Fees and Policies

Tutorial Program Fee Schedule

Sessions Passed
since Enrollment
0-2 $25.00
3 or more $110.00


  • These fees apply to all students using LARC, including students who:
    • neglected to drop themselves, having never attended a LARC session
    • were enrolled for a period of time (“holding a seat”) equaling 0-2 session hours, or 3 or more hours, but did not attend
  • Examples:
    • Peter Anteater decides to drop LARC. He has attended two sessions and been absent for one session. Three sessions have passed, totaling in three hours, so he will be charged the full $110.
    • Peter Anteater enrolls in a tutorial before Week 1, then realizes that it supports the wrong lecture. He then adds the correct tutorial, but doesn’t drop the first one. Peter will still be charged for the first tutorial, in addition to the new one he added, since he is still officially enrolled in both. Peter should, by the way, immediately drop the incorrect (original) tutorial, and either stop by the LARC office or email us at larc@uci.edu and explain what he did, that he dropped the one he didn’t need, but is in the correct one. So long as Peter has dropped that first one he didn’t need right away and is working hard in the correct one he needed, we can make sure he’s not double billed. But you have to reach out to us to assure this gets put in place! (Peter will be sure to include the complete information on which tutorial was needed, which one was the incorrect one that he dropped, when he dropped it, and of course, never forget that student ID#!!! )
    • Peter Anteater is sponsored by his academic program.  He enrolls in his LARC tutorial before classes start. He decides to drop the lecture associated with the tutorial.  He had only attended two sessions. But he doesn’t drop the LARC tutorial until a month later. He’s going to be charged the full amount for two reasons: One, he never dropped the tutorial, so that prevented other students that needed it from getting in.  Two, he didn’t fulfil his sponsorship requirements of attending at least 10 or more sessions to be sponsored for it. The $110 charge will be his responsibility entirely!
    • Best case scenario: Peter Anteater finds out right away that the lecture he’s in isn’t what he needs for his academic plan.  He drops it immediately, within the first week, and also does the same for the tutorial. Only two sessions had been available to attend, but he dropped it by the second session.  He will only be charged $25, and it won’t be due on his Zot Account until the end of the quarter!
  • Tutorials begin on Wednesday/Thursday of Week 1.
  • Our tutorial sessions aren’t the old-school, one-on-one model. They are active-learning, collaborative group sessions. Our tutorial leaders strive to make learning the key concepts enjoyable, engaging, and empowering. We support the classes on our campus that are incredibly hard and have, unfortunately, high failure rates. We want you to succeed! The huge difference between hiring a tutor off of a flyer and being a part of our learning community is that our tutorial leaders have already taken the class they are supporting and mastered the concepts. They are also auditing your section of the class to assure they are supporting exactly what and where the professor is in the curriculum
  • Missing sessions can impair the performance of both you and the rest of your tutorial group. Your consistent attendance directly contributes to your success in your course. Additionally, input that you might give in a tutorial session helps other students learn, too. You are an important part of our learning community!
  • Nonattendance may result in being dropped from the tutorial and charged the full tutorial amount, unless LARC is officially dropped by the end of Week 1 (Saturday at 11:59 PM).

  • Enrollment is mandatory to attend LARC tutorial sessions. Waitlisted students are not able to attend unless they become officially enrolled.
  • Registering is now easier than ever! Click here to enroll: https://enroll.larc.uci.edu/. The last day to add a LARC tutorial during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters is Friday of Week 6 at 11:59 PM.
  • As LARC tutorials are lecture specific, you are highly encouraged to enroll in a LARC tutorial that has the same section letter as your lecture (found in the second column of a course’s information on WebReg). This ensures that the material covered will be relevant to your particular class.
    • Examples:
      • Lecture A is covered by any LARC tutorials with the section letter A.
      • A LARC tutorial with the section letter AB covers both lecture A and B.
  • Our tutorials can be enrolled in past week 2! We know this can be confusing to students. Unlike the standard lectures and labs, you can indeed enroll in our tutorial courses after week 2. We recognize that students may start out strong in a course, but once midterms come, it might be a wakeup call for many, and we’re here for you.

  • You will be added to the roster automatically as students drop or are dropped.
  • Check your study list daily to see when or if you have been added. If you no longer wish to attend, you must drop within 48 hours of having been automatically added or you will be charged according to the fee schedule above. If you are waitlisted for a LARC session that you no longer wish to attend, it is to your benefit to simply remove your name from the waitlist.

Dropping a Session
  • LARC tutorials can be dropped any time before Friday of Week 6 at 11:59, though you will still be charged based on the time you have spent enrolled in the course.
  • If you decide to drop, please be sure to officially drop the course immediately on our website https://enroll.larc.uci.edu/. The deadline to do so is Friday of Week 6 at 11:59.
  • Failing to officially drop will result in you being charged the full amount for the course, regardless of attendance. It is your responsibility to ensure that all drops have been processed.

  • New students (freshmen and transfers): The most important thing that will help you is to understand that UCI runs on the quarter system, not the semester system. So by the time you begin to feel settled in your classes, it’s already going to be midterms. By the time you feel you’ve finally figured some things out, it’s going to be finals. You’ve only got 10 weeks in a quarter here, and that’s largely why our LARC schedule for fees is so fast. So if you think about something you need to do, don’t wait. Do it immediately, and you’ll be glad you took care of it. And yes, these courses we support are HARD. It’s not you, they are hard for everyone, and we’re here as a partner – it’s a proactive solution of active learning.
  • Our tutorial sessions are in high demand. Some of our sessions wind up with waitlists that get maxed out! This is why we don’t want students “saving a spot just in case the class gets hard,” or lingering on dropping when they know they really are going to drop after all. If you know you aren’t going to attend, drop right away and pay it forward so another student that needs the spot will get it. But keep in mind, if the amount of sessions that have passed since you enrolled in the tutorial is three or more, it’s going to cost you $110 regardless.
  • Our tutorials can be enrolled in past week 2! We know this can be confusing to students. We recognize that students may start out strong in a course, but once midterms come, it might be a wakeup call for many, and we’re here for you.
  • If you are sponsored by a department for your tutorial(s), you need a minimum number of sessions attended to qualify. Don’t slack. We always have students come to us around week six and seven wondering if they have attend enough. If you’re thinking of this with concern this late in the game, that might be a problem. Please consider this: If you have qualified for a sponsorship, use it. Meet the requirements and go beyond. Take advantage of each and every session, because they will mean the difference on your final grade.
  • If you are a regular, enrolled student of UCI, your Zot Account will be billed at the end of each quarter. Don’t panic. We’re the best deal in town. If you hire a tutor off one of those sheets, you’re going to be paying at least $15 an hour. If you’re in a LARC tutorial, your tutorial leader will have already taken the exact course you are in, and passed with an outstanding grade. They are sitting in on your lecture so they know exactly what is going. They know the key elements that will challenge you and your classmates the most. They tailor-fit their tutorial sessions to help you understand and feel confident on the subject matter. They are trained to be an active-learning, collaborative instruction educator. Bottom line is, you’re going to be part of a learning community that is actively pursuing not just survival of a hard STEM course, but mastery. If you attend all available sessions, the per session rate actually comes to less than $10 per session.

Sponsorships for LARC Tutorial Session Fees

LARC does not offer sponsorships for LARC session fees; however, some departments on campus may offer to sponsor your LARC session fees:

  • Student Success Initiatives (SSI) offers LARC session scholarships to students who qualify. Their office is located on the second floor of the Student Services II building, across from Zot n’ Go on Ring Road. Call (949) 824-6234 or visit their website for more information. Please note: SSI’s requirements are very thorough and are based on a quarter-by-quarter basis. Just because you qualify for one quarter, it doesn’t mean unused sponsorships can be automatically transferred to the following quarter. Be sure you understand their rules thoroughly to assure you are supported!

Billing & Payment
  • Your bill will be added to your Zot Account at the end of each quarter. Payment may be made either online or at the Central Cashier’s office in Aldrich Hall upon receipt of your invoice. Late fees will occur if your payment is not received within one month after your charges have been uploaded.
  • If you have a sponsorship for a LARC session, it is your responsibility to check with your sponsor to ensure that you attend the minimum number of sessions they require. If you attend fewer than the required number of sessions, you will be responsible for paying the fee. An attendance tracking sheet is available from the LARC office (ALP 3500) if you would like to keep a signature record for your own attendance.PLEASE NOTE: Your attendance is tracked daily by your tutorial leader. It is entered into our system by your tutorial leader. Attendance tracking sheets are entirely meant to help students know where they are at with their attendance, but ultimately a student’s attendance is tracked entirely for these purposes. Attendance Tracking Sheets are subject to audit against our tracked data.