LARC Leaders CAN:

  1. Attend class lectures
  2. Have a written plan for all of their tutorials sessions using the LARC plan format which focuses on student discussion and collaboration
  3. Facilitate discussion, and proven active learning strategies during tutorial sessions of challenging key material reviewed in lecture
  4. Facilitate review sessions before exams
  5. Post resources and updates on the LARC Canvas page for students
  6. Discourage students from attending LARC as a substitute for attending lectures
  7. Request a brief Faculty-Leader Meeting to clarify your learning objectives prior to the end of Week 1

LARC Leaders if requested by faculty CAN also:

  • Provide feedback to the participating faculty member
  • Share their materials with participating faculty before use, if schedule permits

LARC Leaders canNOT:

  • Grade assignments, homework, projects, exams, etc.
  • Help student with homework, projects
  • Lecture, attend discussion or fill in as a substitute for lecturer, or TA
  • Review concepts/materials not taught by professor