Hey Anteaters, here are some study tips you can include into your studying routine! We wish you the best of luck on your exams and are rooting for you. This is also a reminder to take breaks throughout the day, get enough sleep, eat, and drink water! We believe in you πŸ™‚

Inspired by the Pomodoro method of productivity (working from 25 minutes and then taking a 5 min break), Marinara Timer allows you to customize your own personal timer. Taking a small break while studying increases attention span, focus, and productivity.

  • Take Naps

Studies show that 70% of college students attain insufficient sleep, which negatively affects mood, memory, and work performance. Power naps with a length of just 10-20 minutes can give immediate relief from daytime sleepiness.

  • Work in Groups

Forming study groups is an effective strategy to enhance your learning. By coming together as members with a common goal, you are able to actively engage in the material, crowdsource ideas, share insights, gain team experience, increase communication skills, motivate, and inspire each other to learn.

  • Plan Your Study Time

Use a planner to arrange your busy schedule and generate goals. This allows you to organize and prioritize your time, create target dates, and exercise proper time management. Download your own planner!

  • Use Concept Maps

Concept maps are vibrant, memorable and organized visual representation of concepts, words, ideas or equations. They help bridge the connection between topics that may not be apparent.

  • Exercise

As you give your brain a workout studying for exams, consider going out and giving your body a good training as well. Memory and learning are influenced by events that occur after studying too, like exercise.