Managing your time online is an essential skill to master in college. Taking online courses may introduce new challenges, distractions, and responsibilities, but here are a few helpful tips to be time efficient.

  • Treat Your Online Time Like In-person Class Time

Even online, it is important to attend all lectures, labs, and discussions. Do your best to properly manage class time and limit distractions.

  • Checklists: Prioritize, Plan, and Execute

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, checklists can make completing tasks less daunting. Break down long term projects into manageable chunks.

  • Create An Organized Schedule

When a busy week hits, having a schedule can be a lifesaver! Some options to try include Google Calendar, Outlook, or a Passion Planner.

  • Your Syllabus is Your Course GPS

Use your syllabus to create a schedule. Jot down important dates and times for exams/deadlines so you don’t miss a beat of the course.

  • Time For Self-preservation & Reflection

Make sure to schedule time to take care of yourself! Use this time to do whatever helps you relax, and to reflect on your current time management tools.